Lauren, 27. Non-Binary / Queer / Pansexual / Intersectional Feminist / Poet / Serial Weirdsmith. I'm like a Seder at Vincent Price's house.


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but I’m the luckiest guy, not the loneliest guy

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Uli by Paky RJ on Flickr.

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Well…that’s how I feel tonight.

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Alfredo Barsuglia - Social Pool, 2014

long-term installation on a remote, secret location in the Mojave Desert

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"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

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Keep up, Scully.


Keep up, Scully.

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Witch Photography by Christopher Mckenney

Nightmare Photography


Connie in Hollywood in the late 20s.


Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is a lie.
Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is just a phase.
Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is childish.

I live and breath my gender fluidity. I proudly stand within the Gender Queers in support of a new, gender variant society.

Gender is the seed that has sprouted into the discriminatory, bigoted & bland society we live in. When you dig down deep into the issues surrounding the world right now it all comes back to one tiny little fuck up. The idea that biological sex somehow determines the gender roll of individuals is a lie. In fact, gender rolls is a lie. Just because I identify as gender fluid does not mean that I must uphold any societal expectation, associated with gender fluidity.

Plain and simple, I plan on having two children.
I will not teach my little boy to “be a man.”
I will not teach my little girl what it means to “be a woman.”
Instead, i’ll teach my children to just simply be good people.
Because a society full of good people makes for a better life than a society full of classified, judgmental, opinionated and shallow people.

Thank you,
Elliott Alexzander

This message brought to you by House of Alexzander

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A Couture Model’s Behind-The-Scenes View of Fashion by Louise Parker

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